The brain is the most complex biological structure in a human body. With the rapid development of innovations the concept of uploading our minds into a digital platform seems as a possible thing and it will be the next evolutionary step of human beings.

Is it possible to upload your mind into a computer ?

Mind is a collection of abilities of consciousness and intelligence, the this that you imagine, recognize and dream. In the hypothesis of mind uploading scientists try to make a copy of these abilities and feed it into a computer simulation. Possibility of mind uploading is based on three assumptions,

  • Mind is in the brain’s structure, arrangement and biochemistry
  • The brain will enough and poses the technology to simulate automate aspects to make a digital mind copy
  • Computer software can host our mind (mind is computable)

To covert signals passing through neurons into a digital form some sort of scanning method is needed. For this cutting a brain into a tiny slices and scanning them using a high resolution electron microscope can be done. But this is hard to do.

How we can turn the static blue print of the brain into an active thing ?

Realizing some parts of the brain is still difficult as they are more complex. To realize them clear lots of new innovations and researches should be done. So we really don’t know if we will ever understand our brain and consciousness well enough to upload human minds. Because science and computer technology develop rapidly this will happen in near future.

The copy

Unless the copy get damaged or deleted you will continue to exist as long as the copy is stored somewhere. If this copy get corrupted your mind also get corrupted.   

Few projects on mind uploading


Games about mind uploading


Featured image by David Matos on Unsplash



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